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New Release
March 2019!

Wee Folk Stomp is a very special album, full of magic and fun and all kinds of wonder-filled stuff!

It was written especially for Pagan children.  I really believe they need to have good quality music that is meant just for them.  Music that is full of magical things and fantastic creatures!  Music that will help them learn basic things such as the names of magical tools or associations of the Triple Goddess.   Some of the songs are original but others draw on songs I knew as a child.  I've re-imagined them for our Pagan kids!

Most of all, this project is for K.O.A.A. - that is Kids Of All Ages!  I've often been heard to say that "KID" has NO age limit - and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

The last song on the CD is "Child Divine" and it is listed as a Bonus Track for good reason!  It is really the beginning of the project, the result of an afternoon meditation on the idea of our gods and goddesses having once been children!  That was the opening for my Muse!  I've been approaching my spiritual side with a lot less judgement and a lot more innocent happiness since then!

About the Tracks - links will open in a new window

1.    Elemental Happy Dance   A kind of opening ritual for the album, "Elemental Happy Dance" salutes and welcomes in each element.  It is full of the joy of being a part of the natural world!

2.    If You're Magic And You Know It   This one re-imagines an old familiar song often heard at Sunday School, but it has become magical!  

3.    The Lady's In The Wood   Here's another melody from childhood days, "The Farmer In The Dell"!  But this time, it is the Lady's turn and wait till you hear all the wondrous folk that She encounters!  Watch out for that Dragon!

4.    Hocus Pocus   Remember the old "Hokey Pokey"?  Well, I waved my magic wand it turned into "Hocus Pocus" - a great song for teaching the names of magical tools!  I've instigated several kids parades with this song!

5.    Where's The Goddess   I remember playing "Thumbkin" with my mom when I was little.  It was a favorite game of ours, so it made sense to let it become a magical song, too!  I introduce some fantastic creatures then let the Fairies in to play!

6.    Fairy Circle   Awhile back, I had to learn some Ohio Canal songs for a festival.  One that really stuck with me was called "The Raging Canal."  It became a Fairy Circle Dance that could be a lot of fun to play at an outdoor festival! 

7.    The Goblin Lads  Here's a story song with a real back story!  Some years ago, I encountered a group of young guys that came out to a small renaissance faire in Austin, Texas dressed as goblins.  They were so good at role playing that the faire adopted them into the cast!  This song is great to play around young folks and they love to do the "stomp stomp" with much enthusiasm!  

8.    Come And Make Some Magic With Me   Growing up in Texas, the folk song "Polly Wolly Doodle" was always a favorite.  One day, my wee Muse started whispering some alternate lyrics, all about the Triple Goddess!

9.    The Crow's Tale    A good friend of mine in Florida sent me a little video based on a fable about a Crow that thought all the other birds were prettier - and therefore happier - than he!  It is a great little story and the melody that developed is one of my favorites, too!

10.  Turn The Wheel    This one is based on another favorite folk song.  I remember Peter, Paul and Mary singing "Soal Cake" and I always loved the round "Rose, Rose."  Somehow, it seemed perfect for teaching about the Wheel of the Year!

11.  Summerland Rainbow   This one is just fun!  Once upon a time, a friend in Wisconsin complained to me that he had a hard time relating to Pagan chants because they were all in a minor key.  He's a very "up" kind of person, so I wrote this with him in mind.  Summerland was an awesome festival and community in Wisconsin.

12.  Silly Magic  Honestly, I was actually done writing the songs for this album - or so I thought.  The wee Muse, though, had other ideas!  One evening She started whispering that it was all very nice, but She really wanted a ritual song in here... somewhere!  I started thinking about how rituals come to be.  Several of my grands were dealing with some sad things and I wanted to give them something to help bring the "happy" back... Silly Magic!  The wee Muse knew what She was doing!

13.  Suliram  Here is one of my favorite songs ever, and I am so happy to share it with you!  My parents were big fans of Harry Belafonte from the beginning.  One of the artists that he promoted was Miriam Makeba from South Africa.  I remember laying on the back of the couch and listening to her album over and over!  This song is a beautiful lullaby from Indonesia.  I took it in phonetically and sang it to my dolls.  Later, I sang it to my kids and my grandkids.  I actually found the real words and I was really pleased at how close my memory was to the real song!

14.  Twinkle  It really felt like I was taking a big chance with Twinkle!  This little lullaby is one of the first that kids learn and anyone that messes with the lyrics gets told off pretty fast!  On the other hand, I remember singing this to my young ones and putting my own words in.  They were my stars and my moon.  I thought a little bit of Brahm's Lullaby would be perfect to finish the album...

15.  Child Divine (Bonus Track)    ... But apparently the album was NOT finished!  Again the Muse was there, whispering.  This is actually the song that started the entire project almost 2 years ago!  I had a little afternoon meditation, thinking about what the gods and goddesses must have been like as children.  Were they ever children?  What kind of kids would they have been?  It somehow turned around the way I thought of Divinity and the Child Goddess has been dancing with me ever since!  She and I both wanted to share this very special little song with you, so Bonus Track it is!

But Wait!   There's More!!!  The Wee Folk Stomp Coloring and Activity Book - With Lyrics!

  • Air Fairy
    Air Fairy
  • Come And Make Some Magic
    Come And Make Some Magic
  • The Crow's Tale
    The Crow's Tale
  • Earth Fairy
    Earth Fairy
  • Elemental Happy Dance
    Elemental Happy Dance
  • Great Mother
    Great Mother
  • The Goblin Lads
    The Goblin Lads
  • Hocus Pocus
    Hocus Pocus
  • Fire Fairy
    Fire Fairy
  • Fairy Circle
    Fairy Circle
  • The Lady's In The Wood
    The Lady's In The Wood
  • Lullabies
  • Water Fairy
    Water Fairy
  • Silly Magic
    Silly Magic
  • If You're Magic And You Know It
    If You're Magic And You Know It
  • Turn The Wheel
    Turn The Wheel

The wee Muse will not let me do things short and simple!  
I started making a simple page of lyrics and it became so much more.

So, now available from Amazon (and ME!) is the 

Wee Folk Stomp Coloring and Activity Book with Lyrics

Pages of beautiful Art Nouveau style graphics just begging for you to color them in as you sing along with the music!   Each one illustrates a song and you will find little hints and activity postings from Posie the Flower Pixie!

The Wee Folk Stomp Album is available from Kunaki and soon from CD Baby

The Coloring and Activity Book is available from Amazon 

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