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To all my Test Listeners - Thank you for listening!  

The name of this new album will be  Wee Folk Stomp and the music magic is flowing!  I've finished the Coloring and Activity Book that has all the lyrics and it is in a luscious, Art Nouveau style!

You can peek at the DRAFT here:  Wee Folk Stomp Coloring and Activity Book DRAFT

First of all, These are all DRAFTS of songs that are being considered for a new Pagan-centric Children's album.  Please don't share these with the world, yet.  The finished tracks will be sooo much better!!!

Secondly, please send me your comments and suggestions.  All of your input will help make the final product better. 


I'll keep you posted on progress and I'll send you a copy of the finished album as a thank you!

The Crow's Tale DRAFT
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)
Come And Make Some Magic With Me
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)
Hocus Pocus
Ginger Ackely (Ginger Ackley)
Elemental Happy Dance
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)
Silly Magic
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)
Twinkle, Twinkle
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)

Suliram is a lullaby from Indonesia.  I first heard Miriam Makeba's recording of it that my parents played.  I always remembered the song and sang it to my kids...  and even to my grandkids!  The words mean:  

Go to sleep...  go to sleep, sleep, sleep, my little one.

Close your eyes and dream tender dreams, for you are guarded and protected by my love.

Long have I waited, waited for you.  Go to sleep.

Years I spent hoping and praying for you.  Go to sleep.

Now that I have you right here by my side, I will not ever let you go.

Fairy Circle Dance
Ginger Ackley (Wee Folk Stomp)

Fairy Circle Dance is shaping up to be a lot fun!  For the final recording, I am planning a short story about how to play this circle game and have fun with the fairies!!!

If You're Magic And You Know It
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)

Here's a fun one to the tune of "If You're Happy And You Know It"!!!  This is one I developed for our festival kids over the last few years.

Great Mother Lullaby
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)

This one just came out of nowhere!  Wow...

Where's The Goddess
Ginger Ackley

I've re-worked the little hand and finger game "Where Is Thumbkin" to a Goddess game!

WFS The Lady's In The Wood
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)

Here is another re-imagined song from childhood days...  The Farmer in the Dell is now The Lady's In the WOOD!!!!  (wait for the Dragon!)

Update:  I re-mixed the sound effects a little better!

Summerland Rainbow Chant
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)

Here is a special chant inspired by the Summerland Spirit Festival in Wisconsin!  I think there is a lot that can be added in a live version of this.

The Goblin Lads
Ginger Ackley (Ginger Ackley)

The Goblin Lads was actually written back in 2000 but I brought it back out at festivals and the kids loved it!  I've even gotten to have a Goblin Band a couple of times so I've kind of built this new album around it.  This is the earlier recording...

Turn The Wheel
Ginger Ackley

I think this will be the last upload... I think there is still work to do on this one, but that will be for the studio.  Comments and critique  appreciated!

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