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Flower Pixie


Posie is a Flower Pixie and she LOVES to sing songs and tell stories for K.O.A. A. - that's Kids Of All Ages!  

She travels about in her lovely and magical TuTu and sometimes even achieves flight, thanks to her wondrous Rainbow Parasol.

She is a fairly young Flower Pixie and does not yet have her OWN wings - but she is working hard on achieving that goal.  A kindly Fairy Godmother has let her use a pair of training wings so she can practice for her flying test someday!

Posie also has a powerful magic wand that looks like a butterfly net, except that it is full of flowers!

She skips about looking for folks to share the Flower Power with and loves to tell them that it works both ways.  When someone is happy, they charge the wand.  When someone is sad, the happy energy that Posie has gathered is shared and helps make the gloom go away!  Posie just LOVES to sneak up on folks and squeak out "Flower Power!!!"

You just might be wondering - What does Posie do in the Wintertime?  Wouldn't her wings ice up or something?

Not to worry!!!  Her Sister Pixie, Snowdrop, has floated in on a random Snowflake!

Snowdrop loves to hang out and be seen with the Legendary Holly King!  Photo opportunities abound - as do candy canes and mystical winter pixie dust!

Snowdrop and the Holly King are available to brighten your Yule celebration!

For information on Posie, Snowdrop and the Holly King appearances, Email Us!