Ginger Ackley's Music

Lark of the Clans... Celtic with a twist!

8.  Lovers Lullaby - Notes and Lyrics


Lovers Lullaby came about in an unusual way. One night, as Ginger was talking to a friend on the phone, he fell asleep after a long day of work. Unsure whether to just hang up or not, she listened for awhile then reached over and strummed her autoharp – and discovered that he was breathing in the key of D Minor! The rhythm and sound of his long-distance nap became entwined with a poem about wishes for a lover's happiness... and the result is a hauntingly beautiful song to share with you!



I sing of kisses within the night to sweeten all your dreams

I sing to bring you happiness, I sing of wondrous things

I sing of flowers that come in spring, the colors that they bloom

I sing the wind in the dancing trees, the glowing harvest moon.

I sing the song of a mountain stream, the whisper of falling snow

I sing you tales of a faery queen and magick above and below

I sing you blue skies and open road, the warmth of hearth and home

I sing a stallion upon the hill, the taste of honey in the comb.

I sing to you of a maiden's charms, to hold you as you sleep

I sing to keep you from every harm, I sing you truth to keep

I sing to you of your heart's desire and joy that is complete

I sing you dreams that are coming true. I sing you, love, to sleep. 


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