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The Laird O'Cockpen

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The Laird O' Cockpen, he's proud and he's great,
His mind's taken up wi' the things o' the state.
He wanted a wife, his fine house tae keep
But favour by' wooin' was quite hard tae seek.

Doon by the dykeside a lady did dwell,
At his table-head he thoughtt she would look well.
MacLeish's ane dochter o' Clavers Ha' Lee,
A penniless lass wi' a lang pedigree.

His wig was well-powdered, as good as when new
His waistcoat was white and his coat was blue;
He put on a sword, a ring and cocked hat
Now, who could refuse the good Laird, we ask that!

He jumped on his mare and he rode cannily
And he rapped at the gate o' the Clavers Ha' Lee'
"Go tell Mistress Jean tae come speedily ben,
She is wanted to speak wi' the Laird O' Cockpen!"

Mistress Jean she was makin' elderflower wine,
"What the de'il brings the Laird here at such a lite time?"
She put off her apron and donned her silk gown
Her cap wi' red ribbons, and went awa' doon.

And when she came ben she bobbit' fu' low
And what was his errand, he soon let her know.
mazed was the Laird when the lady said, "Na'"
And wi' a light curtsey she turn-ed awa'.

Dumfounded was he, but nae sigh did he gie
He jumped on his mare and he rode cannily.
And often he thought as he rode through the glen.
"She was daft tae refuse the Laird O' Cockpen."