Ginger Ackley's Music

Lark of the Clans... Celtic with a twist!

It Is Time  - A collection of 15 original and traditional songs

With 15 songs, including 2 traditionals, "It Is Time" brings a collection of Ginger's Folk and Celtic music to all her friends, old and new!  

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 1.  It Is Time Lyrics & Notes Listen
 2. Beyond The Wildest Dream Lyrics & Notes Listen
 3.  White Rose Sailor Lyrics & Notes Listen
 4.  Bird That Has Flown Lyrics & Notes Listen
 5.  The Water Is Wide Lyrics & Notes Listen
 6.  Tell Me Of The Sky Lyrics & Notes Listen
 7.  Cottage For One Lyrics & Notes Listen
 8.  Lovers Lullaby Lyrics & Notes Listen
 9.  Her Face In The Sky Lyrics & Notes Listen
 10. The Great Silkie Lyrics & Notes Listen
 11. She Wears No Ring Lyrics & Notes Listen
 12. How Is It? Lyrics & Notes Listen
 13. Bonnie Green Lyrics & Notes Listen
 14. Gaia's Lament Lyrics & Notes Listen
 15. Lark's Farewell Lyrics & Notes Listen

All songs were performed and produced by Ginger Ackley 
Copyright © 2010 Ginger Ackley All Rights Reserved

All songs are the original work and performance of Ginger Ackley, except for "
The Water Is Wide” and “The Great Silkie” which are traditional songs.

Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws


About the Graphics...

 The graphics were designed by Ginger, with thanks to her husband, Donovan, for pictures of her actually singing and for the photo of the Ackley Grandfather Clock!   The reflection in the glass is her mother-in-law, Anna Mae Ackley.  You will also find a picture of Ginger's mother, Mary Jane Brown Achtschin and of her 3rd great grandfather, William Thomas Scott.  The photo of the ship is the SS Zeeland, the vessel that brought Ginger's grandparents from Austria to the US in 1905.

Ginger used Paint.Net, an open source graphics program, to create all the graphics for "It Is Time."


On the technical side of things....

 Ginger did all the recording on this CD herself. Having been burned in the past by a pseudo-studio and encouraged by the success of her children's CD, All Earth's Children, she utilized her Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop and Adobe Audition software and produced the songs included on It Is Time.

Her autoharp is an Oscar Schmidt body with 24 chord bars modified by Hall Weeks and Pete Daigle. Unlike a regular autoharp, it uses two keys at a time and can make over 100 chords.

She plays a collection of pennywhistles on the CD. Some are the Susato brand of PVC plastic. The Low G is one of her favorites for its wonderful mellow tones! Her other whistles were made by Eric the Flutemaker – one of her regular friends out at Renaissance Faires. His whistles are handmade wooden creations that make some of the best music ever.

Her favorite mic is a Shure PG58 acquired in a little music shop in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Adobe's Audition software allows her to sing and play all the parts, and to balance them with beautiful effects. She originally acquired Audition for a project to transfer her father's old vinyl recordings to CD to share with family and others... but then she got sidetracked with making her own music!

No artist exists in a vaccuum – regardless of how they might feel at times duing the creative process! It Is Time is a product of much support, especially by Ginger's husband of only a year, Donovan Ackley. He made sure she was fed and watered during the times of intense effort – and he even managed to break her away to enjoy friends and other music, like seeing the great folk singer, Judy Collins, in concert. He breathes a sigh of relief as the project comes to an end and his new wife returns to reality!