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Lark of the Clans... Celtic with a twist!

It Is Time  - A collection of 15 original and traditional songs

With 15 songs, including 2 traditionals, "It Is Time" brings a collection of Ginger's Folk and Celtic music to all her friends, old and new!  

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 1.  It Is Time Lyrics & Notes Listen
 2. Beyond The Wildest Dream Lyrics & Notes Listen
 3.  White Rose Sailor Lyrics & Notes Listen
 4.  Bird That Has Flown Lyrics & Notes Listen
 5.  The Water Is Wide Lyrics & Notes Listen
 6.  Tell Me Of The Sky Lyrics & Notes Listen
 7.  Cottage For One Lyrics & Notes Listen
 8.  Lovers Lullaby Lyrics & Notes Listen
 9.  Her Face In The Sky Lyrics & Notes Listen
 10. The Great Silkie Lyrics & Notes Listen
 11. She Wears No Ring Lyrics & Notes Listen
 12. How Is It? Lyrics & Notes Listen
 13. Bonnie Green Lyrics & Notes Listen
 14. Gaia's Lament Lyrics & Notes Listen
 15. Lark's Farewell Lyrics & Notes Listen

All songs were performed and produced by Ginger Ackley 
Copyright © 2010 Ginger Ackley All Rights Reserved

All songs are the original work and performance of Ginger Ackley, except for "The Water Is Wide? and ?The Great Silkie? which are traditional songs.