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EnCHANTica is Released and Ready to come home to you!

You can order directly from my printer, KUNAKI and pay with Paypal

You can order digital or physical copy from BANDCAMP 

The EnCHANTica Song Book  and CD are available now from Amazon!

I've got sets of the book and album available to send out, too!  EMAIL ME for signed copies!

This album is very special in so many ways, but especially because it is written with our kids in mind!  Come and dance with the Fairies and sing about the Elements!  Learn about the Wheel of the Year and dance in a Fairy Circle!  Draw close and listen to fantastic tales of the Goblin Lads and a Crow that learns a beautiful lesson!  Chase a Satyr and find the Lady in the Wood!  Let Dream Magic find you with TWO special Lullabies and follow the Muse as She sings about the Child Divine!

BUT WAIT!  There's more!

The lyrics magically turned into a wonderful Coloring and Activity Book!  Sing along with the music while coloring in beautiful Art Nouveau style graphics!  The silly Flower Pixie had a hand in it, too, and you just might giggle a bit at some of her comments!

Totally approved for K.O.A.A. - KIDS OF ALL AGES!!!

Go to the Wee Folk Stomp Page for sneak peeks and ordering information!

Elf King's Horn is a very special album of Ginger's music.  The melodies and stories have their roots in the land of Fairy.  Expect to be enchanted as each track leads you on a magical journey.


Visit the Elf King's Horn page for all the lyrics, liner notes and ordering information!

Connections is a special musical journey all about history, family and the ways we are all connected!

Music by Ginger and narrated by Donovan Ackley....  featuring beautiful original cover art by Susan J. Richards, Donovan's sister!

Visit the Connections Page for lyrics, liner notes and ordering information!

"In The Old Style" is a collection of 15 traditional songs, done Ginger's way!  

This is the first album where  Ginger has included guest artists.  Joe Rollin Porter joins her for a delightful rendition of "Wild Mountain Thyme" and Brittany Converse puts a bow to an antique fiddle handmade by Elza Waller - Ginger's husband's great grandfather - in "How Can I Keep From Singing."

Visit the In The Old Style page for lyrics, notes and ordering information!

Read Mattie Dalton's Review of "In The Old Style" published in Celtic Music Magazine!

All Earth's Children is a delightful collection of original songs by Ginger, written for children to help them learn about the Earth and how to be a good helper for our changing world.  

The companion book by the same title is beautifully illustrated with original graphics and has all the lyrics and stories to share!  

Visit the "All Earth's Children" Page for lyrics, peeks at the book and ordering information!

"It Is Time" is an album of 15 songs, including 13 originals and 2 traditionals.  Each song is a journey of the heart!  

Visit the It Is Time Page for

lyrics, notes and ordering information

Sarah's Soundcheck reviewed "It Is Time"