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Lark of the Clans... Celtic with a twist!

Elf King's Horn - An enchanted journey

Now Available at CD Baby!!!  The Elf King's Horn is a very special album of Ginger's music.  The melodies and stories have their roots in the land of Fairy.  Expect to be enchanted as each track leads you on a magical journey.

Produced by Brian Henke, Ginger's autoharp and whistles blend with Brian's guitars in a delight of original music.  Steph Dlugon adds a lovely violin voice to several tracks and Raven Dana brings harmony to "Moonlady."  

Order your copy now from CD Baby or see Ginger at one of her shows!

Visit the Elf King's Horn page for all the lyrics and liner notes!

Connections - It's all about Family

Connections - a special musical journey all about history, family and the ways we are all connected!

Music by Ginger and narrated by Donovan Ackley....  featuring beautiful original cover art by Susan J. Richards, Donovan's sister!

Order from me or online for $15 at  Connections by Ginger Ackley

Lyrics and liner notes are HERE!


 "In The Old Style" is a collection of 15 traditional songs, done Ginger's way!  

This is the first time that Ginger has included guest artists.  Joe Rollin Porter joins her for a delightful rendition of "Wild Mountain Thyme" and Brittany Converse puts a bow to an antique fiddle handmade by Elza Waller - her husband's great grandfather - in "How Can I Keep From Singing."

If you would like an autographed copy of IN THE OLD STYLE, you can email Ginger and she will send it out right away.   If you'd like to order it online, here is the link to a secure site.

Read Mattie Dalton's Review of "In The Old Style" published in Celtic Music Magazine!

 "It Is Time" is a collection of 15 songs, including 13 originals and 2 traditionals.  Each song is a journey of the heart!  Visit the "It Is Time" page for all the lyrics and liner notes, along with a sound clip of the songs!

"It Is Time" is available from CD Baby or if you would like an autographed copy of the CD,  email me and I'll send it out!

Sarah's Soundcheck reviewed "It Is Time"


 All Earth's Children is a delightful collection of original songs by Ginger, written for children to help them learn about the Earth and how to be a good helper for our changing world.  

The companion book by the same title is beautifully illustrated with original graphics and has all the lyrics and stories to share!  Visit the "All Earth's Children" Page for a preview of the songs and graphics!

The CD and book are available from Ginger, or you can order the 
CD Online and the book from!