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Lark of the Clans... Celtic with a twist!


Music is Magic! and Here is some of mine...

I make music and I tell stories... that's just what I do!  My songs are for everyone, big and small.  I draw inspiration from everything, too.  I've written songs from something I heard in falling water and sounds in the wind.  Every song has a story to share.  Every heart has a story it needs to hear...

Ginger's Latest Release!


Songs from her internationally popular weekly live stream, this new album showcases many of the original chants and songs heard during EnCHANTica!


Calling Water

One With The Earth

                                                   Come The Green Man


                                                  Deep Peace

Wee Folk Stomp   
A magically rollicking fun time for K.O.A.A. (Kids Of All Ages!)

Child Divine

The Goblin Lads

Silly Magic

Hocus Pocus

The Crow's Tale


This album brings out the Divine Child in everyone!  Original songs and old favorites that have been re-imagined for kids who are pagan or follow an Earth centered spirituality. 

 (No age limit to enjoy these songs!)

Elf King's Horn...  Magical Fairy Tales

Elf King's Horn


Fairy Tale (Instrumental)

If You Can Dream

Celtica   (Instrumental)

Mist Wraith

Produced by Brian Henke, this is a beautiful album of music that makes you feel the fairies' presence all around you!  "Celtica" has been nominated twice as Best Celtic Instrumental by the Just Plain Folks organization!

It Is Time and In The Old Style - two earlier albums

It Is Time

The Water Is Wide

Her Face In the Sky (Instrumental)

Bonnie Green

Lark's Farewell

This is an album of 13 original and 2 traditional songs, performed in a Celtic Folk style on autoharp and penny whistle.   Released 2010

Barbara Allen

Spanish Lady

Maid Who Sold Her Barley

Red Haired Mary

Three Ravens

Fifteen traditional Celtic tunes performed on the autoharp and penny whistle - and there's a story in every one!

All Earth's Children and Connections - Two albums for younger ears


Little Blue Raindrop

Earth Mother Lullaby

Words of a Child

An Earth-centered album for younger audiences, encouraging everyone to take good care of Mother Earth.

Travelers Song

Denim Blue

Human Beans

Our Annie

Come By The Hills

An album for younger folks about family, genealogy and connections between folks...  how we all got from there to here and what happened next!  Plus, it is narrated with a story that ties everything together!

Contact Information and Social Media

Ginger Ackley

Celtic Folk Pagan Musician

Cleveland, Ohio



Phone:            (330) 936-8188

Facebook:       Ginger Ackley's Music

Reverbnation:  Ginger Ackley

Music files and physical CDs available on request

    Also performing as Posie the Flower Pixie &           Snowdrop the Winter Fairy!

         Registered with ASCAP, SoundExchange