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Elf King's Horn is Full of Magic!

This  very special album brings my Faery music to everyone.  Tales of love and melodies of dreams and magic, "Elf King's Horn" is a beautiful and deep collection of music that you will love from the first note!

At long last, I get to share my music of Faerie and Magic with you!  Tales of love, melodies of dreams, dances in the moonlight - "Elf King's Horn

Brian Henke produced it and added his incredible finger-style guitar to several of the tracks.  He also brought in other artists like Steph Dlugon with her wonderful violin and Raven Dana's  lovely harmonies to really bring out the beauty and the stories of the songs.   Joe Molnar's beautiful artwork perfectly expresses the vision of the Elf King's Hill, too!   

The album is so finely crafted that you can put it on and listen to it all the way through, then listen again and again.  There is a beautiful progression from the early morning bells of "Fairy Tale,"   to the love stories like "The Elf King's Horn" and "Moonlady" to the mysterious "Mist Wraith."  

I have three beautiful instrumental pieces on this album.  "Fairy Tale" opens the album.  "Celtica" gets your heart dancing to a sweet Celtic waltz.  "Fox Fairy Woman" is spritely mischievous, inspired by Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary!  

I know you will love this album!  I loved making it and I love performing it, too!   Check my schedule in the upper left column and come out to see me and hear my music live!  

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Ginger Ackley: Elf King

Lyrics and Notes for "Elf King's Horn"
Click on the song titles for a short sample of each song!

1 .  Fairy Tale   Instrumental   Featuring Brian Henke on guitar.   It is the deepest part of the night, when dreams become real.  The clock chimes 4 in the morning... 
2.   The Elf King's Horn     Featuring Brian Henke on guitar    When the Elf King blows his magic horn, true love finds a home.  A note about the words of the chorus:  When I wrote this song, I thought back to a time when folks of the land still believed in the power of charms.  So the rowan, the vine and ivy, the heather and hawthorn are a   protective charm woven by her family, perhaps, against the influence of the fae call.  But fortunately it is too late...  her heart already heard the Elf King's Horn!

Chorus:  Oh, pin the rowan to the door 

And twist the vine and the ivy more

Bring heather sweet and the pure hawthorn 

And listen for the Elf King’s horn.

On grassy hill there stands a maiden proud and fair.

Alone is she and never love to share.

For within her heart is a song so sweet and clear:

A horn does blow that only she can hear.

A young man waits on the hill late upon a summer’s day,

So bright of eye and fair of face is he.

There he stood for to court and to try her love.

“Oh maiden pray come and tarry a while with me.”     Chorus

“Good morrow, sir, but I shall not go with you this day,

Though fair you are and willing to bide with me

For my heart lies there in the night where song is born.

My love I hold for the one who does sound the horn.”

Her eyes were set where the sun travels on to the distant west.

So sad was she and her heart was not her own

“For my Love,” she said, “will I leave all I hold best

And says he nay then fore’er shall I lie alone.”     Chorus

Away she went through the land – Oh, a wand’ring soul was she!

To seek the horn and the one who did play it true

And all those she passed did weep her fate to see

But heed the call was all her poor heart could do.

On Hallows E’en when the moon was full in the frosty air,

She came upon a circle of stone so cold

Rounded hill did appear there before her true -

From deep inside rang a melody her heart knew.     Chorus

A door she saw in the hill where there was but grass before.

Midst revel gay came the sound she was searching for

Golden light so warm did beckon her deep within

To find the one who had chanced her heart to win

Before her stood the shining young Lord who had sought her hand

“My love, you have to the Land of the Sidhe been borne.

We will wed and our love shall forever stand

Your heart was called by the Elf King’s horn!     Chorus

3.  Golden Bough    Featuring Brian Henke on the guitar    Actually, Brian told me to "just put down the auto-harp" for this song.  His guitar accompaniment is perfect and I love playing the whistle part!   This is a deeply personal song that came out of a spiritual crisis and epiphany.  The melody seemed to come out of the woods in the deepest part of night...  

She stood with the stars in her eyes

And the trees whispered softly words of the Wise

Time stood still and the spirits heard her sighs

and they danced to the music of her cries.

Chorus:    Lady of Moonlight, Lady of Day

I am lost, so lost on my way

What path do my feet tread now

To the shade of the golden bough?

At the turning of night she stood

Pulled between her world and another

All that she knew, and all that she knew

Was to heed the call of Mother.       Chorus

Children of Earth and Children of Fire

Hearing now her true heart's own desire

“Gain the Rose, you must brave the Briar.”

Sang to her, the unearthly choir.     Chorus

4.  Celtica  Instrumental  A simple Celtic waltz... featuring Steph Dlugon on violin
5.  Green The Hills   As the ship heads to a new land, everything she knows fades into the distance... 

Green the hills that lie behind me.

Blue is the sky that cradles the dawn.

Crystal and clear the flowing waters.

Golden the hour when day is done.

Where is the tree that sheltered my home?

And where is the song that lifted my heart?

And where is the land my lover dwells in?

Forever from him I have to depart.

Wide is the sea that I sail upon.

Far is the land that welcomed my birth.

Empty the arms that once held my lover.

Long is the road to the ends of the earth.

6 .  Fairies In The Morning    Featuring Brian Henke on guitar  This song was included on my first children's CD "All Earth's Children" - a lovely collection of music for the younger audience about the Earth.  Brian heard "fairies" and we re-recorded it here! Great choice!

Chorus:    Mariposa! Papillon! Fairies in the morning,

Bringing joy to everyone. Springtime now is born!

Cloak of morning, Lady's Touch chasing out the sorrow

Gaily lifting Winter's clutch, joy upon the morrow!    Chorus

Monarch of the wind and sky, dancing through the bowers

Softly blessing as you fly, lover of the flowers!    Chorus

To and fro on painted wings, dancing through the breezes

Spring and Summer now to sing, wand'ring as it pleases!    Chorus

Taking wishes to the sky, silent song a-singing,

Rainbow wing-ed butterfly, blessings are you bringing!    Chorus

7.   Green The Waters Featuring Steph Dlugon on the violin  This is a fun little song where the colors have become verbs!  It is a wish and a prayer for the Earth!

Chorus: Green the waters and blue the sky.

Follow the moon and the stars on high.

Leap with the stag and run with the hare.

Dance with the Lord and the Lady fair!

Green the waters, bless them true.

Blue the sky with falling dew .

Bless and heal both land and sea.

Mother, your children call to Thee!    Chorus

Vessels pure and waters green,

In our lives may Your light be seen,

Strength and joy of the holy Pair

Drawn to the Circle of love They share.    Chorus

8.   Manannan Mac Lir   A daughter of the Celtic sea god longs for her father and her true home... 

On a high and lonely cliff side, where waves roll endlessly

She sings unto the ocean, the wind her harmony

In her eyes a darkling secret like the gems of undersea

And the white birds sing their songs to her, they sing of Mac Lir’s Sidhe.

Chorus:    She called out to the Sea God

She called him without fear

“I am coming home, oh, take me home,

Mannan Mac Lir!”

Her father here had left her for a land beyond the sea

He whispered as he parted a name of mystery

But for all the love he bore her, still he said t’was destiny

That he must return, though someday they would meet in Mac Lir’s Sidhe.   Chorus

The spirit of the ocean, it calls unto my soul

The tide forever turning, the wind that blows so cold

From the mist there is a parting, as a currough draws so near

For her father comes to bring her home – Manannan Mac Lir!   Chorus

9.   Fox Fairy Woman  Instrumental  Featuring Brian Henke on guitar.  Inspired by Selena Fox, the Fox Fairy is one of the most delightful to encounter, mischievous and childlike - never forgotten!

10.   Moonlady   Featuring Steph Dlugon on violin and Raven Dana on harmony vocals     If a Fairy girl fell in love with a Human boy, how would she get him to join her?

Chorus:   Moon Lady, dancing on silver

Dancing in light and in shade

Moon Lady, dancing my heart away

Dancing to Love's serenade.

Sweet are his dreams in the still of the night

Soft is the music he hears

Moonlight and shadow entwining

Drawing him, drawing him near.        Chorus

Silent his step as he nears the fae glen

Gentle her touch on his skin

Graceful the steps she is dancing

Dancing his heart for to win.    Chorus

Ruler of Day, now from me turn your face!

Lady of Night, take my hand!

Moon Lady, keep me within your embrace

For I am yours to command!   Chorus

Forever they dance in the silvery light

The man and the Moon Lady fair

Never to sorrow, never to part,

For Love is the Dance that they share.    Chorus

11.   If You Can Dream  Featuring Brian Henke on guitar   You have to be able to dream to make love real!  This song was actually written and originally recorded in a closet - but it is out now!

If you can dream, if you can fly

Then your heart can touch the sky

But only.... if you can dream!

If love is true and love is real

Pain and sorrow soon will heal

But only .... if you can dream!

Dream till you wake....

Dream till you feel....

Dream till you know it...

Dream.... (dream, dream) till its real!

If you can dream, then you can be

Bound by love and yet be free

But only.... if you can dream

When love and trust are deep and fair

There is nothing a heart won't dare

But only.... if you can dream

Dream till you wake....

Dream till you feel....

Dream till you know it...

Dream.... (dream, dream) till its real!

12.   Faery Ring   If you should encounter a Faery Ring, would you step dare to step inside or would you run back home as quickly as you could?  I think I know what I would do.... 

If I should find a faery ring

Would you let me in and teach me to sing?

If I should find a faery ring

Would you take me home and give me wings?

Chorus:    Soft the moonlight, still the air

Within the forest – and everywhere!

Oh, should you see a beckoning light,

The faeries are dancing in Circle tonight!

And if the moon should kiss my cheek

Would my heart be what another would seek?

And if the moon should kiss my cheek,

Would my true heart find what it does seek?      Chorus

If there is one from Elven Lands

Would he, at last, before me stand?

If there is one from Elven Lands,

Would he smile and gently take my hand?          Chorus

13.   Mist Wraith   This one comes from another real and personal experience.  When I lived out in the country in Texas, I saw something strange on a full moon night.  The mist moved quickly over the pond and surrounded me... It sparkled and sang to me and I didn't want to leave... 

There in the mist does it wait for thee

Closer, it beckons, come and see

All that you long for, all you could be

Dance in the Mists, now dance with me!

How can you dare to listen to the song?

What things may come if you try to dance along?

Where does the Path before you lead?

Dance in the Mist and you will see!

Out on a Path that’s within your Dream

Stranger than stories ever could seem

Ancient bridge o’er a winding stream

Mist creeping in with an eerie gleam

Voices call within your head

Hard to remember what was said

Echoes of shadows – moonlight’s beam

Dance in the mist – forever dream!

There in the mist does it wait for thee

Closer, it beckons, come and see

All that you long for, all you could be

Dance in the Mists, now dance with me!

All songs were composed and performed by Ginger Ackley, with the wonderful additions of Brian Henke's guitar, Steph Dlugon's violin and Raven Dana's vocal harmony! Ginger plays auto-harp, one with chord bars designed by Pete Daigle. She also plays Susato penny whistles in different keys. 

Produced by Brian Henke 
Recorded and mastered at Dark Tree Studios, Cleveland, Ohio 
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jay Bentoff 
Graphic Design and layout by Joe Molnar

All songs Copyright 2015 Virginia Ackley 
All Rights Reserved Unauthorized duplication is a violation of all applicable laws and if you are that desperate, just email me!