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Barbara Allen


Traditional English-Scottish-Irish Listen to a sample

In Scarlet town where I was born, there was a fair maid dwellin'

Made every youth cry well-a-day, her name was Barb'ra Allen.

T'was in the merry month of May, when green buds they were swellin'

Sweet William on his death-bed lay for the love of Barb'ra Allen.

He sent his servant to the town,  to the place where she was dwellin'.

My master bids ye come to him if your name is Barbra Allen.

So, slowly, slowly she came up, and slowly she came nigh him,

And all she said when there she came, "Young man, I think you're dying!"

He turned his face unto the wall and death was drawing nigh him.

Adieu, adieu, my dear friends all. Be kind to Bar'bra Allen!

As she was walking o'er the fields, she heard his death bell knellin',

And ev'ry stroke did seem to say, “Hard-hearted Barb'ra Allen!”

When he was dead and in his grave, her heart was struck with sorrow.

"Oh mother, mother, make my bed. I'm dying on the morrow!”

She was buried in the old church yard.  Sweet William lay beside her. 

From William's heart grew a red, red rose, from Barbra Allen's, a briar.

And they grew and grew in the old church yard, till they could grow no higher. 

In the end they formed a true lovers' knot  and the Rose grew 'round the Briar.