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Wee Folk Stomp CD


Brand New!  Released March 2019!  The Wee Folk Stomp is a rollicking fun album for my favorite folks - K.O.A.A. - That's Kids Of All Ages!  The album is for our kids with Pagan and Earth centered spirituality.  It offeres some basic concepts of belief and elements of ritual and wonder.  

Several of the songs are familiar childhod tunes that have been rei-magined for Pagan kids and there are some originals, too! There are some pretty great story songs here, and a pair of wonderful lulabies, too!  You will probably hear Posie the Flower Pixie singing lots of these songs at festivals!

Don't forget to get the awesome Coloring and Activity Book that goes along with the music album!  It has all the lyrics PLUS beautiful art nouveau style graphics perfect for coloring!

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