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Posted by Ginger Ackley on December 17, 2010 at 2:13 PM

This is the song that really got me started.  It won a song contest judged by Andy M. Stewart (of Silly Wizard), Aoife Clancy (daughter of Bobby Clancy of the Clancy Brothers) and Danny O'Flaherty.  The instructions were to write a song about leaving one place and going to another... but it had to be happy.  No doleful emmigration/exile songs allowed!  This is the winner and it took me to Alaska and to Ireland!

It still makes me smile to sing the first verse because the "voice I heard from across the green" was actually Andy M. Stewart's playing over a loudspeaker at a little Celtic Festival in Bedford, Texas in 1998!  He was singing "If I Were A Blackbird" with Silly Wizard on a CD that was playing between live sets...

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