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Here are some songs I would like to share with you!  I've put some tracks from my various CDs here, along with a few that aren't included on albums yet.  I'll be updating with new music - including tracks from "Elf King's Horn" - my newest album that was produced by Brian Henke!  

My music is available from my website here but if you'd like me to sign an album or two for you, drop me an email!

I hope you do enjoy the music.... please let me know what you think - and look for me to be playing a venue or festival near you, too!  Check my calendar to see where I will be.  

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Posted by Ginger Ackley on March 29, 2011 at 7:13 PM

This is the song that really got me started.  It won a song contest judged by Andy M. Stewart (of Silly Wizard), Aoife Clancy (daughter of Bobby Clancy of the Clancy Brothers) and Danny O'Flaherty.  The instructions were to write a song about leaving one place and going to another... but it had to be happy.  No doleful emmigration/exile songs allowed!  This is the winner and it took me to Alaska and to Ireland!

It still makes me smile to sing the first verse because the "voice I heard from across the green" was actually Andy M. Stewart's playing over a loudspeaker at a little Celtic Festival in Bedford, Texas in 1998!  He was singing "If I Were A Blackbird" with Silly Wizard on a CD that was playing between live sets...

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