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All Earth's Children Book and CD

All Earth's Children began with the idea that songs written for children can have a deep and positive influence on their thoughts and ideas as they grow up.  I wanted the songs to tell a story and this desire turned into a program for children about being a positive part of the Earth.

So, this collection of songs and the stories are all about living with change and celebrating the cycles of beauty that are a part of life here on Planet Earth.  It dances through the CHANGES of daily life and looks back on our home through the eyes of an EAGLE...  the seasons fly by in LITTLE BLUE RAINDROP and Spring arrives in colorful joy in THE BUTTERFLY SONG.  Listen to the voice of the Earth in WINDSONG and be a good part of the energy that makes GROWING THINGS grow, then rest peacefully, drifting off to EARTH MOTHER'S LULLABY.  Take heart and be inspired as you listen to the WORDS OF A CHILD and share the dream of a beautiful tomorrow in EARTH DREAMING.

The companion to these songs is a book that started out as a set of lyrics and turned into a story book with special graphics for each song.  Every graphic started out as a Fractal.... and grew from there!  Butterflies and kites, children and mothers.... we are all there!

I hope you enjoy ALL EARTH'S CHILDREN a lot.  We are all Children at heart, so this is for everyone... and if you should like for me to present the program at your school or library, I would be very happy to do so.  Just EMAIL me and we can set it up! 

You can purchase the CD online and you can buy the book here.   However, if you would like to have both the CD and book together and signed by me, please EMAIL me and we will arrange it! 

Also, now the Album and tracks are available on Bandcamp!  

Track List

 These links will take you to the words for each song or let you listen to a short music clip to see if you like it.  The graphics on each page come from the book, too!

 1.  Changes Lyrics Listen
 2.  Eagle Lyrics Listen
 3.  Little Blue Raindrop Lyrics Listen
 4.  The Butterfly Song Lyrics Listen
 5.  Windsong Lyrics Listen
 6.  Growing Things Lyrics Listen
 7.  Earth Mother Lullaby Lyrics Listen
 8.  Words Of A Child Lyrics Listen
 9.  Earth Dreaming Lyrics Listen